Olive Oil & Crete Winery Tour

Our first visit is at the modern “Kanakis” olive oil factory to in order to learn about the process
of olive oil production and taste the fine Cretan olive oil. Here we meet an ancient olive tree,
one thousand years old. We continue to the innovative olive mill where all production steps and
details are described to you. We can taste two different servings of the exquisite, extra virgin olive
oil. One pure with no addings and another traditional oil with lemon and salt. Little secrets about
storage, best use and healthy attributes can be discussed as well.
Our next visit is at one of the best wineries of the region, where we will enjoy a 30-40’ tour. We
will learn about the history, tradition and the latest developments in the production of wine as
well as legends related with Dionysus, the God of wine. You will participate in a fully guided
tour at the plantations of the winery, the cellar and the production area. After the tour, we will
continue on to the wine tasting room, where you will be able to taste five types of wine, accompanied
with traditional rusks and olives.
Our last stop is at the village of Vrysses in order to end our daytour by tasting local yogourt with
honey, while sitting next to the river.

Price includes:
English speaking escort
Bottle of Mineral water
Duration: +/- 4 hrs

Please contact concierge for further information