Glorious food which you must taste while in Crete!

Counting the most days of sunshine throughout the year in comparison to other parts of Greece, Crete is a large, self-sufficient and autonomous island amidst the blue of the Mediterranean Sea producing the best in delicious foods which are widely

known and appreciated not only for their tastiness but for their nutritional value. The secret is to keep combinations simple and avoid sauces! The extra-virgin Cretan olive oil is the liquid gold of the island and all you will need to transform your dishes…

Let’s have a closer look at foods with which you definitely have to treat yourselves while on the island. What could be the better way to begin other than with the base of


everything…the Cretan “paximadia”. Moisten them with water, add Cretan olive oil, a generous dose o “xinomyzithra” sour white cheese, thinly chopped tomatoes and a pinch of oregano and indulge in what is the simplest and most fulfilling starter that ever was…the Cretan “dakos”.

Although Crete produces tasty meat of all kinds, the island is more considered to be a heavenly place for vegetarians due to the production of deliciously ripe fruits and vegetables which retain all their flavour. There is nothing you won’t find here. Characteristic of every set table are the small dishes with green and black olives in olive oil and seasoning too. The best assortment for the highly spirited shots of ‘raki’ and ‘tsikoudia’!

The island will also enchant your senses if you are into cheeses. Aim for tasting the “graviera” parmesan-like cheese, “myzithra” grated over a steaming pasta dish, “anthotyro” soft white cheese in your fresh salads, “staka” goat’s cheese and “kefalotyri” firm sheep’s cheese that will astonish you in its fried edition on top of a slice of freshly baked bread…

kaltsounia-blogCrete is famous for its “horta” wild greens and there are hundreds of herb and weed varieties to discover and taste. Their consistency in vital vitamins and minerals is an absolute health boost. Among the most famous are “stamnagathi” and “skolimbi”.

Whenever you see a pie in the menu, don’t think twice! Just order it and enjoy the finger licking thick crust made with real flour dough named “fillo”. Try the “boureki” containing potatoes, zucchini and myzithra cheese and, of course, the ‘Kalltsounia” containing soft cheese and mint (deep fried and not oven baked).

Gourmet lovers should ask for the Cretan treat of snails “boubouristous” or “cochlious” which are cooked with plenty of salt, rosemary sprigs and a dash of vinegar or with ample onion in red wine.

Last but not least, do your best to be invited to a traditional Cretan wedding -believe us, the locals are so hospitable you will not have to try very hard!- and feast in the marvel of “gamopilafo” which is pilaf rice cooked in sheep’s meat broth…Outstanding! Kali oreksi!boubouristi-blog