Welcoming Spring and Easter here in Crete!

It has been yet another magical Easter week here in Crete! A good time was had by all, and now we have the pleasure of time to take a deep breath, relax and reflect on a wonderful time spent with family and friends, new and old, near and far…

For those not familiar with the Greek Orthodox Easter, also known a “Pascha,” it arrives normally a bit later than the Protestant and Catholic Easter. The reason being the Orthodox Church follows the ancient Julian calendar, and other Christian religions follow the modern Gregorian calendar. And every so often, the two dates will coincide, which makes things a bit less confusing. So if you’re ever considering an Easter getaway, contact us here at Rimondi Boutique Hotel in Rethymno, and we’ll make sure you book in for the correct dates to enjoy all the exciting events and traditions that a Greek Orthodox Easter in Crete offers!

Visiting Crete at this time of the year means less summer crowds, and catching the island flora at it’s peak, swathed in a green landscape and colorful spring flowers. It also means, quieter solitary swims on our glorious beaches, with enjoyable and refreshing breezes versus the more oppressive heat of summer. And the mountain villages at their most authentic, as only the locals and their visiting friends and family are there to welcome you into the fold. Truly a magical opportunity to become an honorary member of the Cretan family, and a very special time to be here for everyone.

Photo credits: linesinthesand on Flickr
And Rimondi’s extra romantic location in the city of Rethymno is particularly spectacular during Easter time! The beautiful spring colors and aromas abound, between the scent of the flowering blooms on every balcony, and the scent of Easter’s delectable delights emanating from every kitchen, a very special atmosphere creates an extra charm to our ancient city. Easter is the ideal time to visit Rimondi and Rethymno, as the welcoming of springtime along with the solemnity as well as joyousness of the Holy Week (“Megali Evdomada”) and it’s traditional customs of the city, offer a truly unique experience to our lucky visiting guests.
On Good Friday in Rethymno, in the square of Four Saints Martyrs, where all the various “Epitaphs” (the funeral biers of Christ) of the city converge to display their gloriously flower bedecked masterpieces. On Saturday night, watch the Resurrection (“Anastasi”) at the Mitropolis (main church) of Rethymno, with most locals in attendance, and the accompanying music of live bands. At midnight the Holy Light, flown all the way from Jerusalem and shared throughout Greece, is passed among all parishioners and visitors alike, as within the church walls and spilling out into the street, all blazes with candlelight, a beautiful sight not to be missed. After midnight, we end the Lenten fast with a light feast of the “mageiritsa” soup of a rich, lemony broth with rice and lamb tripe, along with other traditional local foods, the wine flows, and dancing commences to the sound of the traditional Cretan lyre! And the party continues until dawn, of course…

Photo credits: George M Groutas on Flickr
Easter Sunday in Rethymno celebrates this joyous rebirth with the traditional lamb roasted outside on the spit, much day-long endless feasting, festive dancing and song. Easter’s homemade baked delights called “tsourekakia,” and the traditional Easter cheese pies called “kalitsounia,” will melt in your mouth like heaven! Experiencing the coming of spring and this inspirational Holy Week celebration in the romantic Old Town of Rethymno, is such an exciting and memorable event, you will never forget. So do as the Greeks, and help Rimondi plan the perfect spring getaway to Crete with your family and friends.

Easter Week in Crete is the official welcome of this long awaited spring we are enjoying right now on our beautiful island, and we would love the chance to share this very special time with you. The entire staff of Rimondi Boutique Hotel wishes you a blessed Easter season, a glorious spring, and we hope to welcome you soon!