Top 10 “must-see” in Crete!

Crete…a glorious land of contradictions yet to be discovered. You have selected to spend your holiday on the 5th largest island of the Mediterranean basin and one which is absolutely self-sufficient as far as beauty, nature, sunshine, beaches and gastronomy are concerned!

Ranging from the luxury north coasts and the exotic south coasts, to the picturesque villages of Mount Psiloritis and Lefka Ori (the White mountains) and the atmospheric old towns, we select the absolute Top 10 “must-see” while holidaying in Crete. In your trips around the island you can be certain about one thing…You will come across people who know how to love and share. (Photo 1
Lake Kournas / photo by

1. Visit the sacred mountain of the Cretans…Mt. Psiloritis. Its altitude of 2.456 meters will amaze you with the stunning views it provides. Take the E4 path which takes you through Venetian settlements and Byzantine ruins.
knossos-palace-crete2. Approach the award winning, exotic paradise of Elafonissi beach with its shallow pink coloured waters and silver sand. This is probably the most famous beach on Crete…
3. Lake Kournas west of Rethymno Town will stun you with its views of Lefka Ori all around…Ideal for a romantic picnic and a swim in the afternoon hours.

4. Discover Anoghia village, listen to the Cretan “lira” and greet the traditionally dressed locals. This is where time has stopped and where the community stays united and rebellious against anything that comes from the ‘outside world”.

Knossos Palace / photo by

5. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Rethymno inside the Fortezza fortress and admire findings from caves, settlements and Minoan cemeteries, as well as, objects dating back to the Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic and Roman periods.
6. Experience spirituality at its best at Preveli Monastery. Combine your visit by swimming at the homonymous exoticvenetian-crete, palm beach with the coolest waters in northern Crete.

7. Come into contact with the best of the Minoan civilization by visiting the settlements of Knossos and Festos. Follow the trails walked by the famous Minotaur and search for your personal “Ariadne”.

8. Dine at the small but very charming Venetian port of Rethymno which presents housing of the 13th century and a fine, restored lighthouse of the 17th century. Ideal for fresh fish and a tranquil promenade.

Venetian port of Rethymno / photo by

9. Visit Matala village in Heraklion which used to be a legendary gathering spot of the hippies during the 60s and 70s. Admire the naturally formatted caves above the gorgeous beach.

10. Experience the best of Cretan nature by crossing Samaria gorge which is the largest in Europe. Its length of 16 Kilometres will reward you with its constant alternation of stunning sceneries.