The Wine Festival of Rethymno… Let’s drink and be jolly!

During your holidays in Rethymno of Crete, you will have ample opportunities to enjoy yourselves while at the same time discovering the culture and traditions, the history, the sports, the gastronomy of the county and the Cretan, cordial hospitality. A town as beautiful as Rethymno which has always been the cultural heart of the island of Crete awaits to enchant you even further than with a mere sea and sun holiday!

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At Rimondi Boutique hotels we wholeheartedly aim at making your stay as full of experiences as possible. To this end, we and our staff bring you the freshest news of the outdoor cultural events in Rethymno which mostly take place during the summer months when the island is literally inundated by tourists and visitors.

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Every summer, the municipality of Rethymno presents a very rich cultural program to its visitors from around the world! Having made your accommodation arrangements at the top choice in the county which is none other than the Rimondi Boutique hotels in the heart of Rethymno old town, all you need to do next is to pick and choose from the rich cultural program of events, participate and enjoy to maximum! There is really no better start than the Wine Festival of Rethymno…

With more than 50.000 hectares of vineyard on the island of Crete & with the ancestors Minoans believing of having invented the art of wine-making, it would be impossible not to dedicate a festival on the local culture of wine. The Wine Festival of Rethymno introduces the best of Cretan wine to visitors in July and it is portrayed by plenty of wine-tasting and traditional folk Cretan music that will bring you closer to the inner spirit of the habits of Cretan people.

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To the delight of all wine lovers, the town of Rethymno organizes the wine festival every summer at the end of July at the central park. Visit the festival and taste as many local wines as possible practically for free. Apart from wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to see local and international music performances with plenty of folk dancing till the morning hours too!