The making of an amazingly refreshing Cretan dish for a hot summer day!

Crete enjoys worldwide fame as an island producing extra virgin ingredients, as well as, a plethora of delightful recipes. The island is one of the most self-sufficient areas in Greece and a blessed land where absolutely anything can be successfully cultivated or produced due to the glorious climate. Ranging from fresh vegetables and extra virgin olive oil, to delicious meat of all sorts and the freshest fish possible, get ready to feast in magnificent cuisine during your stay in Crete!

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When the temperature keeps rising and rising, we cannot really think of anything else other than a refreshing but -at the same time- filling salad. The Cretan ‘dakos’ salad is the equivalent to the Italian bruschetta and it is certainly the most famous of salads among the Cretans. A few people consider it as a starter, but it really depends on the quantity one is going to be consuming. If you use at least 10 small Cretan rusks or 2 large ones, you are in for a nutritionally sufficient dose with great benefits to the health.

The recipe is easy to make and it will only take you a mere 10 minute preparation process before you seat comfortably at your veranda and savor its fresh and nourishing ingredients!  The positive aspect of having a filling but yet light salad, is that you can return to the beach soon enough for even more dives into the crystal clear waters of the Cretan beaches!

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Let’s make a ‘dakos’ for 2 persons!


– 10 small Cretan barley rusks or 2 large ones (make sure they are the original cretan ones containing barley!)
– 2 large and juicy tomatoes
– sufficient quantity of feta cheese or soft ‘mizithra’ cheese (crumbled)
– 2 to 3 tablespoons of extra virgin Cretan olive oil
– 1 teaspoon salt
– 1 teaspoon chopped fresh oregano leaves
– 1 grated onion (optional)

-pickled capers

Wet the rusks with water and place them in a soup dish or a clay bowl. Grate the fresh and juicy tomatoes and mix with the crumbled cheese of your choice (white cheese) in using your hands. Spread on the rusks and let the tomato juices further enrich the flavor of the rusks! Sprinkle with the olive oil, the salt, the oregano and a little grated onion plus the capers at the very end.

Enjoy to maximum and don’t’ forget to buy a few packages of Cretan rusks before you fly off!