The cherished history of the Rimondi Fountain of Rethymno

A magical town emitting an aura of Renaissance becomes a melting pot of

significant monuments and points of interest and attracts visitors from around the world like a magnet.

The Cretan town of “the Arts and Letters” was much loved and appreciated by its multiple conquerors, therefore, it is not out of chance that the medieval part of Rethymno counts numerous admirable monuments, buildings and religious temples.

Meandering through the dense network of picturesque alleyways of the old quarter, you will come across the significant monument of the Rimondi fountain only a few meters away from Rimondi Boutique Hotels. Right in the heart of the old town and in Petichaki square, the Rimondi fountain awaits your admiration and in return it offers gurgling, fresh, potable water to give you courage to continue your wondrous walks.

The fountain was reconstructed in 1626 over an even older one dating back to 1588, by a Venetian governor who was named Rimondi and it has been bearing his name ever since. Its purpose was to serve the public with fresh drinking water and it has actually been succeeding in doing so for centuries. Even nowadays, the water streams from three lion’s heads and falls into three distinct sinks. The overall structure is elegantly classical boasting four projections in the shape of acanthus leaves and two latin inscriptions – LIBERALITATIS and FONTES – which are still clearly visible.

The Rimondi fountain is the only one built during the Venetian rule, while all others were constructed during the Turkish occupation. Once created to aid with the town’s water shortage, it nowadays constitutes an architectural gem which captivates our sight and the lens of our camera.