Superb Cretan nights to remember!

The people of Crete are known for their intense localism and the love they have towards their traditions. First, they like to introduce themselves as Cretans and then as Greeks! What fascinates tourists and guests of the island the most is, certainly, the Cretan musical culture, the folk dancing and the much loved Cretan instruments.

Cretan “tsikoudia”, photo credits:

… And when the Cretan music mixes with some local delicacies and the liquid fire named “raki” and ‘tsikoudia’, then the result is one and only. An unforgettable Cretan night!

At Rimondi Boutique Hotels we are very fond of the Cretan traditions and customs, so, based on the wishes of our guests we initiated a series of summer Cretan nights last year. Their success brought us to their continuation in summer 2014 too.

Delicious “kaltsounia”, photo credtis:

Our very own Cretan nights praise the traditional music melodies and the folk dancing, both of which team up perfectly with plenty of local wine, the favourite Cretan alcoholic drinks of ‘raki’ and ‘tsikoudia’ and delicious delicacies, such as locally sourced cheeses, ‘dakos’ salad – please see the recipe by pressing here – and finger licking tasty delights: ‘lychnarakia’, ‘kaltsounia’ and green herb pies.

Attend one of our Cretan feasts here at Rimondi Boutique Hotels and do not omit giving a go at the local folk dances if you really want to experience the zest of local fun! Folk dancing in Crete is not staged for the sake of tourism but it is a major part of the festive side of life. Each and every dance is bound by traditions and there is a strict order of who is at the start and who is at the end of the dance chain or circle. The most commonly known dances are ‘pendozali’ and ‘sousta’ which comprise of elaborate steps and jumps plus impressive acrobatic jumps by the lead dancer.

Traditional cretan dancing, photo credits:

Music-wise, our Cretan nights will get you acquainted via a 3-member orchestra, with the sounds of the two sacred musical instruments οf the Cretans: the ‘lyra’ and the ‘laouto’ plus a little taste of folk singing with ‘mantinades’ which are 15-syllable rhyming couplets in the Cretan dialect.

We usually let our guests know well in advance about an upcoming Cretan night either by placing notices at the elevators or by informing them at the reception. Our feasts take place at the beautiful yard of the Palazzo Rimondi unit and can accommodate up to 25 guests at a time – leaving some room for the passers-by who join us to share our fun!

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Our Cretan nights constitute a very happy occasion indeed that you will thoroughly enjoy. Ask reception for the next one!