Start Your Adventure in Rethymnon and discover a whole range of activities!

Are you ready for adventure? Then a stay at Rimondi puts you right in the middle of the action, because Rethymnon is the ultimate adventure destination for you!

Heraklion by Romtomtom on Flickr

Located spectacularly between the two beautiful Cretan and Libyan Seas, Rethymnon is perfectly situated to naturally become a mecca for many exciting water sports! Visit any of the nearby organized beaches and you will find abundant opportunities for surfing, snorkelling, waterskiing, wind surfing, parasailing and jet skiing.

Photo credits Jona Park on Flickr

The beautiful clear water of the Cretan Sea also makes it the perfect spot to learn to scuba dive. Local dive shops offer beginner lessons and certification. If you already have certification, join in an organized excursion and discover this hidden jewel of a top notch dive destination!

After your sea adventures, discover a whole range of activities on land as well! Known to avid mountaineers and hikers the world over, Rethymnon is the perfect starting point to discover the joys of the Cretan countryside and its delightful hidden mountain villages. Discover the endless variety of mountain flora as you hike along paths lined with wild flowers and fragrant herbs. Walk along nature trails that beckon you to stunning mountain top views, and back down into the breathtaking valleys, passing thousands of years of history and culture. Stop along the way to learn of a new archeological discovery, an ancient settlement of finely preserved ruins, or visit a still inhabited ancient monastery or church. Go back in time and sit in the shaded squares of nearly abandoned villages, with only the curious birds and squirrels for your company!

Walking Path In Samaria Greece, Crete Photo credits by Miguel Virkkunen Carvalho

Serious hiking enthusiasts will be thrilled to know the European E4 Path that starts in the Pyrenees and meanders through Europe and Greece runs right through the Prefecture of Rethymnon, so go ahead and cross yet another adventure off the bucket list!

If you prefer your adventure to take place on two wheels, then mountain biking through Rethymnon might be your thing! Participate in an organized tour, or rent a bike on your own, grab a map and go your own way. Biking will allow you to cover a lot more territory in a very short time, and experience all the natural beauty of the area in a very efficient and exciting way!

Rimondi can steer you in the right direction to enjoy any or all of these activities, or if you prefer less strenuous water adventures, let us arrange for you a sailing or motor yacht excursion to the surrounding islands or to explore by sea other parts of the mainland of Crete. There is so much to see and always fun to see it from the water!

We look forward to welcoming you to Rimondi and introducing you to the exciting world of adventure that is Rethymnon!