Rethymno Carnival…a fun and memorable experience!

Rethymno Carnival…a fun and memorable experience!

February…possibly the most fun month of the year portrayed by the carnival celebrations across the country from the north to the south: Xanthi city, Athens, Patra city and Rethymno have been providing ample joy to locals and visitors of all ages for years and years.

Crete takes great pride in the Rethymno carnival. A tradition which has its roots as far back as 1914 when a group of people decided to put some more color in the city for the first time! It has been 100 years already…Especially during the last 20 of those years, the Rethymno carnival has acquired more and more wit and spreads its magic in large doses aiming to depict the glorious history of this marvelous Renaissance town, as well as, to portray the country’s situation in a humoristic way that will make our feelings sweeter and will bring a smile to our faces.

This year’s celebrations commenced a few days ago – on the 9th of February – with a superb opening ceremony where laughter and a comical approach was the key…and carnival teams and their leaders paying their special tribute to “His Excellence, the King of the Carnival”!  The 25th Treasure Hunt is already being hosted between the 7th and the 16th of February. The Carnival Teams’ Dance is planned for the 22nd of February and then lucky spectators who will be in Rethymno on the  28th will have the chance to experience a series of Cretan Serenades. On the 1st and 2nd of March the Rethymno Carnival will reach its peak with the hosting of “The Night Parade” and “The Grand Parade” respectively.

This year’s celebrations convey a very important message: Never loose your enthusiasm! Life is an exciting adventure…and the Greeks will altogether sail away to yet another “Greek Odyssey”…to which they will triumph in the end.

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