Renovating is a matter of going “green” !

Nothing compares to the process of renovating as a way of beautifying something which you passionately love…Especially when through this process you show your love towards the environment too, then you are guaranteed with double the pleasure!

Rimondi Boutique Hotels have recently started a renovation period which will spread during the years 2014 & 2015 in two distinct phases. Refurbishing some of the rooms will be carried out in the current year and, of equal importance, is the partial roof reinforcement at one of the two building complexes of Rimondi Boutique hotels – the Palazzo Rimondi

In both of the above cases, the keyword is to go “green” via saving precious energy and via using environmentally friendly materials. By turning the Palazzo Rimondi complex into a green building, the guests are bound to be more satisfied with the proper functioning of the cooling, heating and hot water systems. As for the owners…they will be proud of the power saving energy techniques and the environmentally friendly processes they use. Both, of immense importance in our days.

The year 2014 is, primarily dedicated to the partial renovation of the roof in order to ensure the perfect waterproof sealing and thermal insulation of all of the 20 rooms and maisonettes of the Palazzo Rimondi complex. Secondly, the complete change of the cooling, heating and hot water systems into state-of-the-art systems of green “development”. Thirdly, the beautification of some of the rooms and maisonettes which entails a) the drastic renovation of some of the bathrooms and the placement of hydromassage tubs, b) the change of the wardrobes and closets and c) the change of furniture fabrics and curtains which are characterised by a romantic and relaxing flair in the shades of white, beige and light floral touches.

Last but not least, Rimondi Boutique Hotels are proud to announce the creation of one further Spa Suite with a yard at their other complex, – the Rimondi Estate -.