Make Rethymno your holiday destination for 2015!

Happy New Year 2015! May every day of the fresh year glow with happiness for you and your loved ones! In the heart of winter is probably the best time ever to start some wishful thinking about our next summer vacations…

Considering Crete island for the first time or as a repeating visitor? What you have at hand is a glorious land of contradictions yet to be discovered. You are about to choose to spend your holiday on the 5th largest island of the Mediterranean basin and one which is absolutely self-sufficient as far as beauty, nature, sunshine, beaches and gastronomy are concerned.

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Ranging from the luxury north coasts and the exotic south coasts, to the picturesque villages of Mount Psiloritis, the White mountains and the atmospheric old towns scattered across the island, we end-up having a closer look at the magnificent renaissance town of Rethymno and its irresistible aura.

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If you are in search of a fabulous way to escape in time, then within Rethymno Town you will come to meet one of the best preserved renaissance cities of the Mediterranean basin. The plethora of cultures that have been coexisting here for centuries, endow it with unique elements of the Renaissance, the Venetian era and the Ottoman rule which altogether render it with colors and scents bound to enchant you and make you fall in love with it at first sight! And all of the above… amidst abundant cosmopolitanism.

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The medieval quarter of Rethymno Town within which Rimondi Boutique Hotels are located, constitutes a truly romantic and picturesque setting that will absolutely fascinate you. This wonderful town has justifiably earned the title “City of Arts and Letters” as it displays cultural traces of at least 4.500 years.

Apparently, its multiple conquerors over the centuries had consecutively fallen in love with its ambience and this is why they all dedicated to it elaborate monuments, buildings, temples and other admirable specimens of unique beauty that will convey you to a past epoch. Admire the Fortezza Fortress, the Loggia, the Church of St. Francis and the mosques of Neratze and Kara Musa Pasha to mention just a few…

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Apart from extensive sightseeing, Rethymno Town offers a wide range of places to have a quality Cretan feast. Traditional tavernas run by families for decades and sharing memorable views of the Fortezza Castle, picturesque eateries offering dishes of authentic Greek cuisine hidden in fragrant yards dotting the old town, fish taverns serving the catch of the day at the Venetian port. Take your pick and feast in exquisite local gastronomy!

The 2014 season unfolded in a very happy and festive atmosphere thanks to our beloved guests.  Rimondi Boutique Hotels gained the 2nd position among 159 hotels in Rethymno on TripAdvisor! The sensational balance between the old and the new, creates an outmost idyllic and relaxing atmosphere… This is clearly where luxury meets history! Within surroundings of unique architecture and refined elegance, Rimondi Boutique Hotels, emit an aristocratic aura via their luxurious 5* accommodation and their beautiful communal spaces.

By selecting Rethymno Town and Rimondi Boutique Hotels as your holiday destination for 2015, you are promised all the tranquility, privacy and total relaxation you are seeking for from an accommodation heaven. 13 sophisticated and luxury suites, 20 superb rooms and maisonettes, private gardens with fragrant honeysuckle, bougainvillea and green ivy; atmospheric yards acting as a soothing oasis for the residents and refreshing romantic swimming pools.  The end result… An impressive microcosm blending the glorious architecture of the past with the most contemporary services and facilities.

Rimondi Boutique Hotels constitute an outstanding hospitality complex where the discerning guest will feel very special. Rimondi Boutique Hotels intended to raise the standards of accommodation across the county of Rethymno and they successfully achieved this goal! Feel free to get into contact at any point of the year with your request. The whole team at Rimondi is eager to welcome you in 2015 for a memorable vacation.