In leaving Rethymno Town behind, we head to the mountains or the sea…

Rethymno is the third largest county in Crete and one of the most beautiful holiday heavens of the Mediterranean basin, boasting a varied tourist infrastructure, plenty of paradise-like beaches and diverse off-road trails cherishing nature’s panorama, as well as, high mountains with breathtaking views…

If you have had enough of relaxation and you have spent the first few days of your vacation savoring the superb Cretan gastronomy and drinking cocktails as part of the notorious Rethymnian nightlife… it is time to return to your good old sporty self or indeed try something new for a change!

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In leaving Rethymno Town behind, we head to the mountains or the sea… Either way we are going to be presented with unique choices of outdoor activities and sports opportunities that will directly clench our thirst for an adventure during our holiday.

Here are three ways to unleash your energy and increase your adrenaline levels! Let’s get those hearts pumping!

Water sports in paradise-like beaches

It is right here that you will experience the long Greek summer, counting the most days of sunshine in comparison to other parts of Greece. We may all be different but there is one thing that we all love… being close to the sea and enjoying its pleasures. Crete boasts as many as 1000 kilometres of a beautiful coastline with a massive potential towards water-sports activities.

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If you wish to inundate your senses with unprecedented moments in harmony with the sea bottom at the southern coast of Crete, then snorkeling or scuba-diving is the key. It all depends on how deep you wish to go in order to discover caves and corals amidst herds of fish… For the most adventurous among you, Rethymno offers a wide selection of adrenaline raising activities. Challenge your speeding limits with a jet-ski, via a water-ski session or on a wind-surf in one of the most windy beaches possible. Holidaying with your family and young children? Rent canoes, kayaks and water pedaloes and explore the heavenly beaches at your disposal or indeed go fishing on a small boat!

Feeling even more elaborate? Wakeboard, wake skate, wake surf & barefoot, double ski, slalom ski, tube ride, sofa ride or banana boat ride, single rings, dragon tubes, beach volley, yoga, parasailing, zumba classes, horse riding, kite surfing… The list is really long. Ask at reception for even more ideas!

4×4 Jeep safari

A blessed place of our world, embraced by the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea and the imposing slopes of the mountains Psiloritis and Lefka Ori (White Mountains), generously provides a variety of routes across the county of Rethymno. All you have to do is decide whether you prefer a jeep safari on a beach route or a jeep safari on a mountainous route!

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Either way, you are going to love your open-top jeep vehicle or a grand land Rover that will offer you unobstructed views to the nature’s panorama shown to you by your experienced guide. Trust them and let them take you to all those hard-to-find places. Get ready for an action-packed drive with spectacular views and unique Cretan landscapes that will absolutely bewilder you!

Mountain hiking on Mount Psiloritis

The ‘sacred’ Mount Psiloritis constitutes a natural border between the sky and the earth and is able to charm you right from the first moment you approach its magic world. With an altitude of 2.456 meters, it boasts five peaks above 2.000 meters each and the E4 path that takes you through its beauties.

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Simply follow the trails of the northern branch of the path if you wish to pass though Venetian settlements or the alternative south branch if you prefer to focus on the Byzantine period. There are also numerous sub-branches and more adventurous dirt roads. Reception will bring you to contact with the Alpine Club of Rethymnon that will lead you to this mountainous paradise…

Have fun!