Four alternative walks that will make you fall in love with late-summer Rethymno…

The calendar has entered the month of September with great determination and most people believe that summer has reached to an end. But, in Crete summer never ends…It just acquires a cooler temperature, an even more laid back and relaxed tempo and a much interesting eagerness – from the part of the tourists – towards walking! The main reason being that of the cooler temperatures, of course. The first clouds make their appearance at the Cretan sky but they really love to be playful with the sun rays.

September clouds above Rethymno Venetian port, Photo credits:

Visiting Greece for a late-summer / early autumn getaway becomes more and more appealing to thousands of guests who love nature and civilization even more than they love spending the whole day at the beach. In any case, the beaches of Crete in particular still have inviting refreshing waters until well within the month of October! So, adding walks of interest to your late-summer vacation in Rethymno will altogether work wonders in making you fall in love with the place.

The Fortezza castle on a cloudy day, Photo credits:

In this article, we at Rimondi Boutique Hotels, suggest 4 different walking sessions around Rethymno county. All different from one another, but, all sharing one common characteristic – they will all stimulate your senses! Four walks – four reasons to further admire Crete and the county of Rethyno: nature, ancient Greek civilization, culture and local beauty. All four nurtured by the Cretans with outmost care…

Samaria Gorge, Photo credits:

Walk No. 1 – love nature
Walk through the longest gorge in Europe – experience the best of Cretan nature by
crossing the stunning Samaria gorge. Its length of 18 Kilometres will reward you with
its constant alternation of unique landscapes and geological miracles! There are
designated partial routes for those wishing to see shorter sections.

The Samaria National Park is exceptionally rich in plant and animal life and within the
gorge you will come across unique species protected by international law. The gorge
starts at the area of Xyloskalo -1,227 metres above sea level on the Omalos Plateau
– and runs down to the seaside village of Agia Roumeli at the south coast of Crete.

Phaistos Palace, Photo credits:

Walk No. 2 – admire ancient Greek civilization
Follow the trails walked by the famous Minotaur and search for your personal “Ariadne”. Come into contact with the best of the Minoan civilization by visiting the impressive excavations of the Minoan Palace of Phaistos boasting majestic views towards the Messara plain from a beautiful location up on a hillside. Visiting the archaeological site early in the morning on a refreshing September day will fill you with the relevant excitement minus the unbearable heat of the summer. Enjoy to maximum!

Mount Psiloritis, Photo credits:

Walk No. 3 – adore culture
Lose yourself in the sacredness of the most adored mountain of the Cretans…Mt. Psiloritis. Its altitude of 2.456 meters will amaze you with the stunning views it provides. Take the E4 path which takes you through Venetian settlements and Byzantine ruins. Its peak is the highest point of the island and its massiveness is said to be the place where Zeus was born and raised.

Arrange for a walking route at the heart of the Cretan countryside which you will find highly interesting in terms of flora, fauna and miraculous geological features. Mount Psiloritis belongs to the European Network of Geoparks and constitutes an amazing experience to those wishing to get acquainted with its several peaks, its numerous paths, its large caves, its deep gorges and beautiful plateaus, its lush pine and oak woods and its bare alpine zones.

Anoghia village, Photo credits:

Walk No. 4 – cherish moments of the local beauty
Walk the streets of Anoghia village, listen to the Cretan “lira” and greet the traditionally dressed locals. This is where time has stopped and where the community stays united and rebellious against anything that comes from the ‘outside world”. Admire the Cretan traditional housing, enter the shops selling folk art and creations made of glass, have a Greek coffee under the shade of trees at the main square. Simply unique…