Easter in Rethymno is synonymous to Easter at Rimondi Boutique Hotels!

The Summer season has officially begun and the island of Crete is ready to welcome visitors from around the world. As a guest, the only thing you have to do in return is to cherish its beauties, indulge in its beaches, taste its delightful gastronomy and get acquainted with its hospitable people and the numerous interesting customs and festivals.

In the process of having a wonderful time on the 3rd largest island of the Mediterranean basin, do not omit to immerse yourselves within as many experiences as you can! The Christian orthodox Easter in Crete is a special season which promises interesting and spiritual customs and traditions plus a fair weather suitable for invigorating swims in crystal clears waters and radiant sunshine which will render your complexion and body with a beautiful suntan.


Easter in Crete is simply magical…and spending it in the cultural capital of the island which is none other that the Renaissance city of Rethymno, will add a further special flair to your overall Easter experience. The last week of fasting for the Greeks, the “Megali Evdomada” – Holy Week , takes us through to Easter Sunday on the 20th of April and presents lucky visitors with a plethora of interesting Christian traditions that will bewilder you and even touch your soul no matter if you are a believer or not.

Take advantage of the spirituality that characterizes the daily atmosphere on the island during those days. Relax and unwind with the beautiful weather, taste the fruit of the sea, the delicious seafood dishes, the fresh fruit and vegetables that taste nothing like what you know back home and enjoy the island’s nature at its best. After all, we are in the heart of springtime. Nature is able to completely steal our minds with its beauty! Another advantage of visiting Crete now, is that the island has just about enough visitors to enable you to acquire the zest of your pre-summer holiday.

One of the most known traditions, is the red eggs which the lady of the household dies on creteds2Good Thursday and symbolizes the blood from the crucifixion of Jesus. Those boiled eggs make an excellent starter topped with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. Try also the Easter “koulourakia” cookies and the “skaltsounia” small pies stuffed with soft local cheese and herbs. On Good Friday, you may be interested to watch the silent procession of the Epitaph (tomb of Jesus) that is decorated with beautiful, fragrant flowers and is followed by the congregation holding candles around the neighborhoods. A truly spiritual spectacle accompanied with very sentimental Byzantine hymns.

Good Saturday is characterized as the most important religious ceremony for the country. That of the “Anastasi” – the Resurrection of Jesus Christ which symbolizes the Passover from death to life and from earth to heaven. Gather with the locals and other visitors at the yard of one of the numerous churches of Rethymno Town and watch the extravagant night liturgy at around 11 onwards accompanied by fireworks, fire crackers and bonfires.

Easter weekend is a great opportunity to feast in the seasonal delicacies. After the Resurrection, indulge in a festive dinner of “magiritsa” soup and delicious roast lamb with rice pilaf. Save some space in your stomachs for Easter Sunday though! crete2TRThe traditional lamb on the spit “meze” will absolutely delight you. Garnish it with delicious cheeses, homemade pies, fresh bread and plenty of “raki” and you will have accomplished the most fun feast in your life…guaranteed! The Cretans are so hospitable that you are bound to end up participating at a neighbourhood celebration with plenty of food, drinks and folk dancing!

Your Easter holiday in Crete and Rethymno are synonymous to staying at the cosmopolitan and enchanting Rimondi Boutique Hotels…Especially if you book now for the Easter Period (18-21 April), you will benefit from an extra 10% discount at all room types. The Easter Package offer includes a festive dinner on Good Saturday that will be hosted in one of the most known restaurants of Rethymno Old Town.

Happy Easter one and all!
“Kalo Pascha”!