Did you know Rethymnon is the third largest town on the island of Crete, and also it’s loveliest?

Although sometimes overlooked by honeymoon planners, if you’re looking for the ultimate destination for romance, look no further than Rethymnon and Rimondi, joining hands to offer you the trip of a lifetime to celebrate your love.

Rethymnon may not have an airport, which in a good way, keeps it a bit off the beaten path, but it does have a busy ferry port, and more natural beauty and diversity than almost anywhere in Greece to make it the perfect hidden honeymoon destination! And of course the loveliest hotel in the center of historically romantic Rethymnon is the Rimondi Hotels. Located in the most highly desirable and fascinating section of the city, Rimondi and Rethymnon prove themselves more than worthy of the most discerning romantics!

On the northern coast of the excitingly diverse island of Crete, Rethymnon is located approximately halfway between the towns of Chania and Heraklion, where you will find an airport. Rising up majestically behind this beautiful city you will notice the striking Lefka Ori, the highest mountain range on the island. And in the other direction lies a beautiful eight mile long beach, leaving Rethymnon in a very envious position between mountains and sea, only enhancing it’s incredible natural beauty.

More romance ensues with it’s splendid Venetian fortress overlooking the sea, while Ottoman minarets reach up to the sky, and charming sailboats bob to and fro in the very attractive old harbour. A university town as well, this gives the city a trendy, youthful vibe, and adds it’s many year round cultural events into the mix for residents and tourists alike to enjoy.

And what Rethymnon may have lacked in the past is a full-service resort and spa, truly luxurious and special enough to spend a proper honeymoon, that is until the Rimondi Grand arrived, willing and able with it’s enviable location and fine reputation, to become one of Greece’s premier honeymoon destinations! Whether newlyweds or simply celebrating another milestone anniversary, we can’t wait to acquaint you with the charms of Greece’s most hidden romantic gems, Rethymnon and Crete! And to add to the honeymoon allure, why not book our amazing spa suite, because on Crete, a little splurge is always more affordable. More luxury and amenities for your money, with all the beauty and then some, of the most popular Greek islands and mainland destinations, we truly shine in all ways!

So whether it’s your first time, or you’re a longtime visitor and fan already, let Rimondi show you the best that Rethymnon and Crete have to offer. From festive full-service beaches, to secluded windswept shores. From high end gourmet cuisine to the humble and delicious taverna. From simple homemade souvenirs to classy boutique finds and priceless artifacts. And whether you like to spend your days chasing the waves on a windsurfer, or simply lazing by one of our stunning pools with a good book and attentive services, we guarantee that our little hidden piece of paradise will find a place in your heart that keeps you returning again and again.

Come to discover the hidden honeymoon romance of Rethymnon, with Rimondi Grand Resort and Spa for 2015!